Maximo for Aviation

Maximo for Aviation

Clango is a leading implementation partner and solution provider for the IBM Maximo for Aviation product. Our team of aviation industry experts and certified Maximo professionals help organizations optimize MRO organizations, gain greater insight into the health and configuration of assets, and meet current safety and regulatory requirements.

Maximo for Aviation – The Most Powerful Aviation MRO Solution Available Today

IBM Maximo for Aviation MRO is designed to transform the managing of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) activities. To support prognostics and predictive maintenance, supply chain management and other core functions, the product automates the exchange of information among equipment, physical locations and collaborative personnel, helping optimize uptime in highly regulated environments.

The product’s innovative information exchange platform supports MRO Service Providers responsible for aircraft safety and reliability, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency. The MRO team gains visibility into current asset and component configurations, data that can provide the team the information they need to quickly upgrade an airplane’s software and /or hardware to ensure up-to-date functionality, for example, to identify signs of wear affecting service landing gear to ensure safety, or to replace a broken coffee maker to insure passenger satisfaction.

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Creating value for MRO service providers

  • Planning and scheduling: Provide visibility into component locations and state of readiness to optimize work forecasting and management of crews and locations
  • Engineering: Evaluate the impacts of service bulletins and airworthy directives and help manage their implementation to minimize flight disruptions and cost
  • Version based task management: The ability to transform MPDs into OMPs integrates visibility to the engineering and approval aspects of work package preparation, creating closer alignment between line, base maintenance and quality assurance.
  • Configuration management: Helps ensure that correct components are installed and properly configured using analytics-based validation of aircraft hardware and software
  • Resource management: Integrates work stream information about pools of assets, skills and certifications, electronic log books, and supplier contracts
  • Materials management: Optimizes the purchase and pooling of components to minimize inventory costs and help ensure availability
  • Maintenance management: Uses analytics to optimize aircraft maintenance schedules based on planned usage; improving management of labor, skills, qualifications and training