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Solicitation Number: N00178-16-R-4000
Contract Number: N00178-16-D-8701
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Clango Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance (QA) Support
Proven Capability: Clango’s benchmark for defining quality is based directly on the ability to meet and exceed our client’s expectations within the defined performance requirements. A focused emphasis on quality is established throughout our organization, as well as within each of our client engagements. The Clango team performs quality assurance (QA) on every project. Our QA tools and techniques are based on best practices from PMBOK®, CMMI, ITIL®, and ISO 9000, and are in line with DoD guidelines. Clango has participated on DoD CMMI L5 projects and worked within a variety of stringent government guidelines. Our engineering and analytical resources are experienced with applying the appropriate processes and products, as applicable, throughout each phase of the product life cycle. Our QA process activities are shown in the figure below. QA involves the combination of ongoing monitoring of key processes and internal controls, performing process and risk-based audits, and conducting management system reviews to validate that all processes are in accordance with the specific performance requirements and quality metrics of the customer. QA is reinforced and refined through continuous process improvement, with an underlying goal of ensuring that processes are able to operate at higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness and eliminate unnecessary issues and costly delays.  


Clango’s Quality Assurance Process

Quality Management
How We Accomplish This:Integral to our management approach is comprehensive quality management. We expect quality performance from our employees and teammates and have established quality control (QC) (making sure the results of the work done meet or exceed expectation) and QA (making sure the processes are being followed and maintained correctly to ensure continuing quality) methodologies to facilitate and ensure this performance. Our QA/QC methods are thorough, organized, and iterative and are characterized by continual and open communication, internally as well as with our client. Upon the issuance of a task order under this contract, and after the Business and Technical Requirements Baseline, the Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS), and the Schedule and Cost Baselines are created, we will finalize our QC Plan in collaboration with the SeaPort-e Program Manager. The QC Plan will include a set of Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs) for specific parameters that will depend on the nature of the task assigned. The Plan will also include a schedule for testing the AQLs. This QC Plan and the AQLs contained within will then become the basis for managing the quality process. Clango assures the integrity of its products and services through QA processes and procedures that include peer reviews, process reviews, audits, and reporting. These processes, which also apply to any potential subcontractors, are as follows:
  • Evaluate the quality of work and product deliverables before submission to the customer.
  • Follow the program’s standard operating procedures (SOP) and ensure that all deliverables are reviewed by the PM, the applicable manager, and the functional team lead(s).
  • Evaluate and conduct periodic review sessions during product development to validate that the end-product deliverables meet the requirements of the customer. This also ensures that standards and procedures are being followed.
  • Identify and document lessons learned for process improvements and reengineering.
Our Project Managers will prepare a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP), or utilize one provided by the Government, that measures and assesses the deliverable(s) against the AQL (e.g., document, code, help desk support). Our Quality Management Process is more than a checklist of standards; it is a framework of activities and processes for producing high-quality deliverables across a wide variety of projects with differing needs and standards. These procedures and activities are implemented throughout the project, and include but are not limited to:
  • Peer Reviews: Peer reviews are performed regularly for client deliverables to verify content, coverage, adequacy, accuracy, and adherence to established processes.
  • Document Standards and Templates: Client documentation is developed using agency-specified templates. If the customer does not require specific templates or formats for deliverables, then Clango uses standardized templates to verify adherence to formatting standards. In many cases, these templates are drawn from accepted standards in DoD and civilian agencies.
  • Deliverable Preparation and Acceptance: For each deliverable, Clango prepares a draft version to be reviewed by the Quality Assurance Project Management Office (QA PMO) as early as possible to provide feedback and to identify and correct any noncompliant items. Once the PM deems the deliverable ready, the reviews and final document are stored in the identified project repository.
Benefit to the customer: In addition to the usual Program and Project Management oversight typical in federal procurements, our team embeds quality assurance in the process and work product level by injecting the expertise of the QA PMO into the project. The Clango team’s QA PMO is tasked with the oversight of all QA processes, plan development, measurement, and reporting. It also oversees and manages all testing and verification processes for development, operations, documentation, reporting, and project management work products. Due to process and oversight from our QA PMO, deployment of numerous systems has been successfully implemented with minimal issues or defects during post-implementation.  

Zones Awarded

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Duration of Contract

09 Nov, 2015 — 09 Nov, 2020

Points of Contact

Clango Program Manager and Quality Assurance POC
Patrick McGeehan

Clango SeaPort POC
Noah Dropkin