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Rapidly access web-based applications via RETRIEVER!

Gain access to your web applications faster than ever, while adhering to your existing credential policies. RETRIEVER is a browser extension that retrieves and populates privileged credentials from the CyberArk Vault into login fields when accessing web applications that have been onboarded into CyberArk.

RETRIEVER can also be used to onboard new applications into your CyberArk environment.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easily login to web-based systems and assets
  • Seamlessly onboard new applications and accounts into your CyberArk environment, according to existing policies
  • Compatible with all leading browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge)
  • Enforce compliance by preventing unauthorized credential utilization workarounds
  • Increase productivity by accelerating access to systems, reducing time spent looking for credentials
  • Expand the reach of your CyberArk Vault to onboard previously unsecured applications
  • Utilizes CyberArk APIs to securely obtain vaulted credentials