Work Order Reporting Kiosk (WORK)

Clango’s Work Order Reporting Kiosk (WORK) is a self-service, touch-enabled Maximo bolt on application designed to augment, extend, and simplify IBM Maximo’s work management processes. WORK is a Java based web application deployed next to, and integrated with Maximo. WORK has been specifically designed for use with a touch screen Kiosk or tablet.

WORK allows users to skip the complex screens and workflows of the core Maximo application while also avoiding the sometimes frustrating small form factor and glare filled screens of an expensive, easily misplaced mobile device. WORK users can log in using their PIN at shift start, quickly review the Work Orders assigned to themselves, print their Work Orders, and head to the job. They return later to update status and add actual Labor, Materials, and Tools to any job they worked.

WORK provides flexibility for team leads, crew chiefs, and supervisors to enter records for others users on their crew or team. For users that only record Labor, WORK also supports a time sheet style interface.

Clango’s WORK is configurable to carry over customizations made to the core Maximo product and ties in with Maximo’s user and group policies to ensure data security and role-based access to your Maximo Data.

WORK is easily deployed on Shop or Production Floors, Store Rooms, Maintenance bays, and other central locations. WORK’s touch screen monitor allows users to easily view, print, and report actual labor, materials, and tools against individual work orders via a simple, intuitive interface.

Better Data from the Field

Clango’s WORK application has been well received by users who appreciate its easy, ATM-like interface. By providing an alternative to less technical users, organizations reap many of the benefits of mobile, eliminating the need for administrative data clerks and getting data from work in the field, without the device management and training costs of deploying a mobile solution.

Get Clango’s WORK today, and capture the right data with greater user adoption.

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