Maximo Automated Testing Tool & Error Reporting (MATTER)

Clango’s Maximo Automated Testing Tool & Error Reporting (MATTER) is part of our suite of tools designed to improve support of IBM’s Maximo. MATTER is a collection of applications and scripts that together allow you to write, schedule, and run tests against your Maximo instance. MATTER gives you detailed feedback, including which tests and which steps in each test passed or failed, details on system state, and even screen shots and videos of the tests during execution.

MATTER allows organizations to run more tests with better coverage than traditional manual testing. When a system changes, organizations will often designate a resource to test it. This exercise usually results in a “smoke test,” a quick test to see if the system is up and that a user can get to an application and do a common task, like creating a Work Order. Even organizations that have resources dedicated to testing often have test plans that are either too limited or that waste time testing redundant cases while missing others. Because tests for MATTER are written in clear readable English, you need not assign overly technical resources to build or run your tests. This allows you to better align your resources while still getting the highest possible testing coverage every time the system changes.

With MATTER, you can have a suite of tests that cover your whole system and schedule them to run as often as you need. As your system grows, you can add tests to the suite and update existing scripts to account for system changes. The dashboard in MATTER allows you to quickly see current state, review the history of your test runs, view metrics on their success or failure, and access reports with details of the individual test. Reports can even be scheduled for email delivery.

Experience, Plus Code and Proven Technology

MATTER is built on a suite of tools: WebSphere, Jenkins, Cucumber, and Selenium – that are industry standards for testing. Together with Clango’s extensive experience and library of Ruby code that translates the test scripts into system actions in Maximo, you have a best in breed solution that leverages proven tools and decades of Maximo expertise

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