Federal Real Property for IBM Maximo

Federal Real Property

Federal Real Property for IBM Maximo

Clango’s Federal Real Property (FRP) Solution for Maximo helps federal asset managers adhere to the guidelines and requirements set forth in Executive Order 13327 while streamlining the annual certification and reporting process. Our fully integrated and flexible solution extends Maximo’s asset management capabilities to include all FRPC-defined business rules and data elements. Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) updates, data preparation and submissions are simplified through the use of standardized validation and audit reports that are designed to flag common data file and submission errors. Our FRP solution automates the creation of all data files (land, buildings, and structures) and eliminates the need for any 3rd party software to generate and manage output files for submission to GSA.

Because the FRP data is managed within the enterprise asset management system, asset managers across the organization can easily review and update real property data – ultimately reducing the amount of paperwork, data aggregation, analysis, and overall time required to prepare updates and annual reports.

With a flexible framework, and the ability to map, transform and derive any number of the twenty-five required FRPC data elements from related Maximo location and asset information, Clango’s FRP Solution allows for consistent and accurate data collection within a single enterprise database. Our integrated audit reporting capability simplifies the validation process and significantly improves the accuracy of submission data.

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