— Unlock the Full Power of PAM with CONFIDE —

Confide Desktop

Clango’s CONFIDE interfaces directly with the CyberArk Vault via CyberArk’s PACLI, allowing users to retrieve passwords securely for immediate use and/or audit.

Having an effective cybersecurity program means your employees are able to securely and efficiently access every resource necessary to do their jobs. Privileged Account Management (PAM) solutions provide airtight security but can be seen as an annoyance by employees. Once implemented, PAM solutions can be perceived by employees as an additional hurdle they must clear to access resources they have become accustomed to accessing immediately.

Enter CONFIDE — CONFIDE is a tool specifically designed to minimize inconveniences while retaining all the security benefits your PAM solution provides. CONFIDE allows users to quickly and securely access critical resources, helping your organization operate at a rapid pace and drive user adoption of your new PAM solution.

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Features & Benefits

  • Mobile and desktop applications available
  • Makes it easy for users to acquire passwords
  • Discourages unsafe password storage practices
  • Eliminates the temptation to create password retrieval workarounds
  • Allows users to do their jobs without sacrificing security
  • Unlimited tags and lists
  • Compatible with AD logins
  • Ability to retrieve multiple passwords at once
  • Integrates with Touch ID on smart phones
  • Available for passwords that do not require checkout