Clango Innovation Labs

Agility and adaptation are necessary for survival in the wild

In the wild those that cannot adapt do not survive. Nowhere is this rule more evident than in the field of cybersecurity. With game-changing attack tools now available, and massively interconnected systems the norm, it is no longer possible to hunker down behind hardened firewalls​ and carry on business as usual.

Adaptability has always been the motivation behind our research team. All we did was give it a new name, Clango Innovation Labs. CIL is informed by three guiding principles: integration, customization, and experimentation.

  • Integration is the bridge that binds systems together, allowing them to operate as a unified whole rather than in proprietary silos. How often have you wanted to see correlations between systems and been told that there is no adapter? Full visibility is the key to a flexible and timely response.
  • Customization is what makes it possible to meet security objectives effectively without having to sacrifice operational efficiency. Our Labs are actively developing extensions and products that help adapt complex systems to unique processes.
  • Experimentation is the hallmark of scientific inquiry. With so many new products on the market and so many unfulfilled promises, you need proof that your security investments will deliver. CIL routinely installs proof-of-concept systems and exercises them against performance targets to validate their effectiveness for your business.

If you’d like to see a demo of one of our Clango Efficiency Tools, please contact us using the form below. We’d love to hear from you!


CART – Cyber Analytics Reporting Tool: CyberArk’s Core Privileged Access Security product captures invaluable data around privileged account credentials and user activity. Clango’s Cyber Analytics Reporting Tool (CART) enables business users to tap into and wield their CyberArk data to meet specific analysis and reporting needs.

CONFIDE: A tool specifically designed to minimize inconveniences, while retaining all the security benefits your PAM solution provides. CONFIDE will allow users to quickly and securely access critical resources,helping your organization to operate at a rapid pace and drive user adoption of your new PAM solution.

PRECISION: AIM with PRECISION ensures all credentials in CyberArk’s Credentials Provider are up-to-date in real time and protects your Vaults from accidental DDoS attacks.

EMBARK: EMBARK allows users to automatically onboard servers directly into their CyberArk environments in a matter of minutes. EMBARK can integrate into your DevOps Toolchain and operate in any web service environment. Eliminate the hassle and hazards of manual generation and onboarding. Simplify your environment and get to work faster with EMBARK!

RETRIEVER: RETRIEVER is a browser extension that retrieves and populates privileged credentials from the CyberArk Vault into login fields when accessing web applications that have been onboarded into CyberArk. It can also be used to onboard new applications into your CyberArk environment.