CART: Cyber Analytics Reporting Tool

— Unlock the Value of Your CyberArk Data with CART —

Clango’s Cyber Analytics Reporting Tool empowers business users to view, search, filter, sort and analyze CyberArk data and prepare fully formatted, just-in-time reports.

CyberArk’s Core Privileged Access Security product captures invaluable data around privileged account credentials and user activity. Clango’s Cyber Analytics Reporting Tool (CART) enables business users to tap into and wield their CyberArk data to meet specific analysis and reporting needs.

Its intuitive web-based interface presents CyberArk data in a familiar spreadsheet format and provides a configurable search and filter form for executing complex queries. Personalized reports can be generated in minutes and be set to automatically run on a predetermined interval, without the need to engage software developers or report designers.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use — CART does not require SQL or coding skills to operate
  • Makes it easy to add, remove and reorder columns and sort and filter data
  • Effortlessly navigate between related data sets (such as Safes, Accounts, Users, Group, and Entitlements) via Drill Down and Cross Linking
  • Provides a built-in report generator that allows power users to prepare new types of reports
  • Supports standard inline and aggregate functions such as Total, Min, Max and Average
  • Provides near-real-time reporting with weekly, daily or hourly data updates
  • Enables users to save, share and schedule specific report queries
  • Integrates with third-party identity data stores and links to external applications and databases
  • Includes Record Grouping and Comparison layouts
  • Exports to CSV, Excel, PDF, Word and XML