Identity and Access Management

Clango’s Identity and Access Management solutions help organizations address the risks associated with unauthorized access to enterprise systems and data.  Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a discipline aimed at ensuring that all users and devices are properly identified, that their affiliation to an organization is understood, and that they have proper access to information assets. Effective IAM solutions deliver:
  • Increased Security Posture
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Decreased Administrative Costs
  • Improved Competitive Advantage via Facilitated Business

Identity and Access Management Challenges

Threats and risks inevitably arise from the failure of an organization to put into place policies, processes, and technologies that effectively execute this discipline. Many factors contribute to this:
  • Policy definition and enforcement are not centralized
  • Workflow and notification processes are not unified
  • Creation, modification, and termination of accounts are manually fulfilled by various teams
  • Difficulty in assessing who has access to what across vast ecosystems
  • Multiple silos of IAM administration throughout the organization
  • Errors, productivity loss, and significant confusion surrounding credential lifecycle management
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Compliance and audit requirements
  • Legacy technologies, managed services, Cloud, and BYOD
  • Federated Interoperability
  • Operational Technologies (BAS, SCADA, PCAMS, Industrial Control Systems, etc.)
  • Events such as acquisitions, divestures, partnerships, and reorganizations

From envisioning through solution deployment, we enable fundamental Identity Management, Access Management, Access Governance and Fraud Management capabilities. Our broad perspective accounts for people, process and technology aspects of capability enablement resulting in comprehensive, sustainable Identity and Access Governance programs.

  • Integrating with Identity Proofing Services
  • User and Device Registration
  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Adaptive, Multi-Factor and Federated Authentication
  • Mover, Joiner, Leaver Policy and Workflow Definition
  • Role Mining and Role-based Access Control
  • Access Governance
  • User and Role Certification Processes
  • Privileged Access and Administration

Identity and Access Management Solutions

Clango takes a disciplined approach forged from over one hundred IAM client engagements, across a variety of industry sectors (e.g. financial, retail, education, healthcare, industrial, government), over the past decade. Our advisory, engineering, and integrations services address:
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Compliance and Audits
  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Access Controls Lifecycle Management
  • IAM Technology Framework
  • IAM Program Decision Support
Our IAM teams and resources are equipped to help organizations with virtually any aspect of the IAM lifecycle – from assessment of the state and maturity of your IAM-related policies, processes and technologies; to developing a prioritized road map and plan to address gaps in capability and vulnerability; to ensuring that the software tools and technologies are effectively deployed in support of the organizations’ objectives.

Identity and Access Management Software Solutions

Clango is an authorized partner deploying the leading Identity and Access Management software platforms available:
  • CyberArk Privileged Access Management
  • RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance
  • Omada Identity Management and Access Governance
  • Oracle Identity and Access Management Solutions
  • Micro Focus Net IQ Identity and Access Management
  • ForgeRock Identity Platform
These proven software platforms provide the opportunity to effectively rationalize, consolidate, and centralize the technology framework for enterprise IAM. Clango helps organizations gain a clear understanding of the value of leveraging these platform capabilities and the priorities and options for deployment. In virtually every case, the reduction in administrative costs substantially outweigh the investment costs for change and support. Examples of focus areas include:
  • Automation of Manual and Semi-Automated Processes
  • Centralized Policy Definition and Enforcement
  • Compliance and Audits Lifecycle Management
  • Unified Workflow and Notification Processes/Services
  • Enterprise IAM Visibility, Monitoring, and Reporting
  • Enterprise IAM Organizational Alignment and Administrative Costs
  • Annual License Fees, Capital Investments, Operational Expenses, and Other Expenditures

Past Performance Highlights

  • Major Travel Agency – We provided advisory and engineering services that enabled access reviews through the IAM platform. This automation enabled our client to remediate critical access control-related PCI gaps. We collaborated with project stakeholders to develop use cases, technical specifications, and workflow processes required to enable access reviews for their directories, administrators, and their service work order environment. Our technical integration work included installation of the access control platform and configuration of: logon page, authentication scheme using active directory; LDAP identity collector; AD account collector; multiple custom data collectors; user/manager access reviews; email templates for notification; and, basic reporting capabilities.
  • Multinational Financial Services Corporation – We assisted in moving the IAM project to a production ready state. Our team supported pre and post go-live by resolving issues and educating the client’s stakeholders. We developed reports, refined workflows, customized notification e-mails, and tuned the application server. The project replaced a legacy toolset for identity and governance, which included a large number of endpoints (>1000) across multiple platforms (UNIX, Windows, Mainframes, Oracle DB, PxM, etc.) The project demanded the creation of audit details for an external, independent auditor as well as the implementation of provisioning process automation.
  • Federal Asset Management Agency – Our team engineered and managed all aspects of user and administrative applications, identity, and access, for one of the most comprehensive enterprise asset and service management organizations in the world. Assets included facilities, transportation, utilities, and power generation systems.
  • Large Investment Management Firm – We engaged to assist with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance review efforts; remedying reviews, creating new reviews and identifying orphaned accounts. Our team analyzed the existing environment and made changes to allow our client to move forward with their time sensitive deadline. We created new reviews using an automated process to produce the coverage file that enabled the owner to review orphaned accounts. The client is using multiple data collectors to gather the accounts and identity information. We are currently working to integrate the review and request processes with their help desk ticketing system, and helping the client identify next steps to help increase operational efficiency.
  • Fast Growing eRetail Brands – We architected an IAM solution to substantiate the requirements and create a solution design to enable our client to use its IAM suite to certify and provision access to their critical applications and systems. Our team installed and configured IAM appliances to be highly available. We integrated the access certification and provisioning processes. Currently, we’re focused on reviews and certifications.
  • Administrative Services for Healthcare – In this project, we implemented a new IAM solution for our client. We provide all manner of support for this project including the initial configuration of the appliances, configuration of account and identity collectors, configuration of the complex, automated provisioning; and, the generation of approval workflows.
  • Major Non-Profit Association – Our team was brought in to implement the IAM solution. We helped implement the converged directory environment, the financial ERP, and document management systems. User on-boarding, modification, and termination processes; and customized reports.
  • ACA State Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) – We architected, implemented, and customized identity and access management solutions to support a range of business functions in highly integrated application environments for various State portals.
  • Large Engineering and Construction Firm – We compiled requirements for portal user registration and application single sign on. Our team developed technical specifications, architecture, and installation of the complete enterprise IAM solution.
  • Major State University – We provided an expert team to architect, implement, and integrate a complete IAM suite for the university with highly customized workflows to fit their needs.
  • Fortune 200 Multinational Manufacturer – We joined the IAM project to validate the design, resolve the workflow issues, and troubleshoot known issues in order to prepare for a production roll out.
  • Major Financial Institution – Our team provided IAM assessment, future-state requirements collection, gap analyses, financial modeling, RFP requirements, communication plans, a three year program roadmap, and project portfolio inventory.
  • Fortune 100 Technology Company – We captured detailed requirements supporting the administration of privileged, shared, application accounts, and session management. Created detailed use case scenarios to proceed with an RFP and subsequent proof of concept validation. Our team also produced Total Cost of Ownership financial models for leading candidate platforms.
  • Major Insurance Company – We developed and prioritized key privileged access and administrative use case scenarios. Our team determined an overall deployment architecture and operational readiness for solution implementation and capability activation.
  • Major Healthcare Organization – We provided IAM rationalization, including current state assessment, future state envisioning, gap analyses, solution rationalization, financial models, a three year program roadmap, and an executive summary.

Cyberark Gold Partner

Clango now a CyberArk Gold Partner

Clango is an authorized reseller and CyberArk Gold Partner.


Clango is an authorized reseller and SailPoint partner.



Clango is authorized reseller and Okta partner.



Clango is an Oracle Gold Partner with many years of experience in providing expertise on Oracle’s IAM Suite Plus.



Clango is an authorized North American Omada sales and services partner.


Clango is an RSA Certified Partner specializing in their Identity Protection and Verification (IPV) portfolio offerings.


Clango is a strategic systems integration partner with ForgeRock in the area of open source security and identity and access management solutions.

NetIQ Microfocus Gold Partner

MicroFocus Partner

Clango is a Microfocus Gold Partner specializing in their Identity and Access Management and Governance solutions.

As objective advisors we collaborate with clients to elaborate their needs then rationalize a sound approach to realize their goals.

As experienced Identity and Access Governance practitioners, we spend a considerable amount of time elevating awareness and reinforcing best practices surrounding user identification and lifecycle credential management. We have structured alliances with many globally-recognized leaders in Identity Management, Access Governance and Fraud Management solutions.

Our vendor partners are committed to advancing capability effectiveness for the benefit of a global community. They are innovation-oriented organizations investing significant time and energy to advance product features as well as industry standards. Our combined efforts enable our clients to realize the full potential of their Identity and Access Governance program.