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Clango aligns Identity and Access Governance providing organizations confidence to securely transact business across a global digital economy.

Our consulting practice focuses on identifying your needs — the ones you see and the ones you don’t — and giving you an identity management plan to match. Led by a team that has delivered identity, access management and governance services for more than 15 years, Clango bridges the gap between technology features and business realities.

Clango’s team has made sense of identity management and delivered successful implementations to companies large and small. We can help you define the best direction, map a course that fits your business, and guide you through it to your destination.

Advisory Services

We effectively transition possibilities into capabilities.

Our Advisors possess significant Business, IT and Information Security expertise. We collaborate with our clients to solicit and clarify their objectives, align and prioritize their needs and determine a sound approach. Our broad perspective covers regulatory compliance, risk management, financial viability and organizational readiness to sustain effective user administration controls. Spanning Envisioning through Technical Specification to Operational Deployment Models, our recommendations provide a rationalized and vetted understanding across project stakeholders, driving significant efficiencies and increasing service adoption.

We clarify what Identity and Access Governance achieves and why it matters to your organization.

Make your strategy more than a wish list.

Identity ecosystems evolve under the pressures of business expectations, regulatory demands, and changing technology.

  • Users expect corporate systems to work as smoothly and seamlessly as consumer tools. One account to use everywhere, self-reliance, and seamless access. They want to use your services without waiting for a lengthy account set-up process or talking to administrators.
  • For decades every new system came with its own account management, creating confusion for users and overhead for administrators. Business leaders expect IT to simplify experiences and reduce both time and cost of administration. Eliminating needless duplication is a must.
  • Demonstrating that users have only appropriate and intended privileges is a high-stakes problem. Show your regulators and auditors you have your house in order.

Achieving these objectives while reducing cost and improving quality presents a serious challenge. That’s where Clango excels.

We help you build a coherent identity and access management strategy with achievable milestones towards your long-term goals. We work with you to set priorities that match your business objectives, building the business case and financial models you need to deliver the right results.

Capabilities we evaluate:
  • Access Governance
  • Authentication and Authorization models
  • Cloud Migration
  • Identity Analytics
  • Identity Proofing and User Registration
  • Portal and SaaS User Administration
  • Privileged Access and Administration
  • Mover, Joiner, Leaver provisioning processes
Know your starting point, find your destination.

We evaluate the effectiveness of your current identity and access governance framework. You need a clear understanding of your foundation in order to set the right priorities and make the best investments.

Our practitioners possess a blend of domain knowledge well-suited to solving the complex and multidimensional aspect of identity ecosystems. We bring a broad and deep set of Information Security, Business Strategy, Technical Innovation and Regulatory Compliance experiences and perspectives to compliment your project team. Our context provides immediate contribution and process efficiency to identity related initiatives. Our in-depth analysis may result in use case elaboration, detailed requirements and design specifications or impact analysis. We are perfectly comfortable discussing abstract, lofty goals as well as low-level technical implementation details to help you activate your identity and access governance services effectively.

Capabilities we evaluate:
  • Role mining, definition and optimization
  • Directory design
  • Password management across multiple systems platforms
  • User attestation
  • Identity proofing and user registration
  • Mover, Joiner, Leaver policy and workflow definition
  • Privileged access and administration practices
It’s a critical first step. We’ve been there before.

Whether you are implementing a single component of Identity and Access Governance for the first time, or are faced with upgrading an existing solution that no longer meets your needs, an experienced, unbiased solution evaluation will save you time and money.

We help you define and document your priorities so you can be sure your selection is right for you instead of an analyst or advertiser. We help you find the best set of native capabilities for your needs and weigh the implications of moving beyond those capabilities. In the end, we match your needs against best-of-breed solutions to show you the right fit for your organizational goals, budget, and timelines.

Solutions we evaluate:
  • Access Governance
  • Authentication
  • Identity Analytics
  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Privileged Access and Administration

A poor integration with a cloud vendor can cost you money, time and opportunity. How much out-of-the-box cloud application can you adapt to, and what does that mean for your business processes? What happens when you want to switch to a new cloud app vendor?

You have (or want) critical business components in the cloud. We can help you plan for smooth cloud integrations – or help you to recover from bad ones.

Cloud integration is not just a matter for the technical folks. Impact to your business processes, securing your data, maintaining regulatory compliance and business continuity all need to be considered.

Using applications in the cloud can also shift traditional roles and responsibilities between the business and IT. Are you ready for your business resources to take on cloud administration tasks? What happens when your cloud app goes down and IT didn’t know you were using it?

We can get your security and risk framework ready for the cloud. Clango helps you develop a continuous security policy review cycle and prepare your legal team to assess the impact of changes to terms of service for each of your cloud providers. We can help you:

  • Modernize your information security framework for a bimodal approach
  • Determine if a business function is better enabled with a traditional or cloud app
  • Achieve a sound approach to administer user lifecycles, including privileged access
  • Maintain regulatory compliance and implement industry standards
  • Clarify incident management and SLA processes in partnership with cloud vendors

The business of unmanaged privileged accounts can bring tremendous risks to your organization, affect your credibility, and tarnish your reputation. Social engineering, improper separation of duties, stolen credentials, and weak access controls are common exposures that can be acted upon intentionally or unintentionally. Compromised data can ultimately cause tangible and intangible loss. Are you aware of how many administrator accounts you have? Do you have a way to monitor or audit the activities of a root account while accessing your data? When was the last time your scripted service accounts’ passwords were changed?

Risk management is an initiative that is essential to achieving information assurance in an organization. This means balance between functionality, usability, security and acceptable risks for the organization. The practice of risk management takes into consideration profitability and survivability.

Clango can help you establish a Privileged Account and Administration program to mitigate risks by:

  • Providing insights to existing Privileged Account and Administration practices
  • Defining requirements to increase efficiency and accuracy of operational activities
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance and implementing industry standards
  • Determining the benefit, expense, and timelines to proceed with a sound roadmap
  • Modernizing your information security framework for a bimodal approach
The right team can make all the difference.

Identity and Access Governance initiatives can be daunting. There are typically internal and external stakeholders each with their own set of objectives. Clango can provide you with the right team of leaders to smoothly guide the process from envisioning to operational support.

Our Program Management resources are uniquely qualified to address the full context of Identity and Access Management initiatives by applying significant industry expertise, effective collaboration and project orchestration best practices.

Context-based dialogues make a difference and have been attributed as the single best investment in successful adoption of Identity and Access Governance services. Your project team will not have to waste unnecessary and costly cycles spending time defining or solving things that don’t need to be addressed. We are laser-focused on pertinent issues relevant to activate or extend your identity or access management initiatives.

We offer guided facilitation of:
  • Communication planning
  • Organizational change management
  • Program and project management
  • Strategy workshops
  • Establishing Identity Governance structures
  • Identity and Access Governance program promotion
Tap into our network of experts.

There are a myriad of decisions to be factored in when establishing or extending your identity ecosystem model. As compliance and regulatory guidelines proliferate and new technologies abound, it’s nice to know that there’s someone out there who can help you make sense of it all.

Clango was founded with the belief that the sharing of knowledge would be paramount to our community. We strive to extend our collective of adjunct advisors to cover emerging and persisting topics within the realm of Identity and Access Governance.

Across our collective – we offer advice that you can trust. We are happy to address questions, facilitate workshops, or develop white papers on topics that matter to you.

Integration Services

The world of IT is changing rapidly. As your organization becomes more agile, users demand access to critical systems and applications. You must integrate the elements of a Bring Your Own Device culture that includes cloud and mobile devices with existing IT solutions and legacy systems. Your response to these challenges is critical to your organization’s success. Are you protecting data from unauthorized access? Can you identify internal and external threats? How will you give the right people access to the information they need?

Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing which questions to ask. That’s where Clango can help.

We combine experience gained from more than 20 years in IT with a deep knowledge of industry best practices to guide you through the maze of changing technologies to ensure that your project is completed successfully and on time.

The Clango team understands that your business is unique and we will work with you to tailor the best possible outcomes. Our proven methodology combines a full range of identity and access management solutions with the most innovative security and management products to expand your organization’s capabilities, effectively manage risks, and control costs.

From the moment your project begins until the day it is successfully implemented, Clango will mentor your operational teams to ensure they have the tools and skills needed to maintain the system in the future. Our goal is for you to be self-sufficient, but if you need additional support, we can provide that, too. Whether you need expert-led training, ongoing support, or a sounding board for trouble-shooting, we can help.

As your organization becomes more agile, users demand access to critical systems and applications. Your response to the challenges this creates will be critical to your organization’s success. Are you protecting data from unauthorized access? Can you identify internal and external threats? How will you provision user accounts?

Clango offers a full range of Identity & Access Governance solutions combined with a proven methdology to expand your organization’s capabilities, effectively manage risks, and control costs.

Solution Integration Services
  • Identity Management: Provisioning, Directory, Fine Grain Authorization
  • Access Governance: Role Mining and Lifecycle Management, Policy Definition and Certification Reporting
  • Access Management: Single Sign-On, User Self-Service, Enhanced Authentication
  • Privileged Access and Administration: Shared Account Password Management, Super User Privilege Management, Privileged Session Management and Application to Application Password Management
  • Technical Extensibility: Connector Development, Application Extensions, Workflow Integration
Training Services
  • Customized Training and Content Development
  • Educational Workshops

Today’s organizations face constant challenges protecting their information from fraudulent access. Fraudsters have become increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to access user accounts and steal information. The direct and indirect costs involved in responding to fraud are a common problem faced by all types of organizations.

Responding to the threats posed by fraudsters requires awareness, planning, and agility in response. Do you understand how your information assets need to be protected? Are you able to detect potential fraud and respond quickly, even in real-time? Clango has extensive experience implementing proactive fraud response programs for a wide range of organizations, from the leading business organizations to the Federal, State and Local Government entities.

We have a holistic Fraud Management methodology that combines integrated technology solutions with process controls, incident management and awareness training, and real-time alerting and response.

We can help you understand how fraud affects your organization today and how you can effectively prevent fraud from occurring tomorrow.

Clango Innovation Labs

Agility and adaptation are necessary for survival in the wild

See what our R&D team is up to…


Protecting transactions in cyber space requires a sound background in threat detection, vulnerability management, identity assurance and correlation analytics. Our resources have worked on evolving Information Security and Risk Management programs in alignment with international standards and regulatory compliance guidelines. We possess significant experience with enterprise asset and logistics management and have extended cyber security frameworks to ensure adequate protection of users and their interaction with both physical and virtual assets.

Capabilities we evaluate:
  • Cyber Security Standards Alignment
  • Cyber Security Strategy & Approach
  • Identity Assurance and Fraud Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Our teams tenaciously research the latest advancements in cyber security. Our service and product offerings will evolve to keep pace with this complex and demanding topic.


Architecture is much more than boxes and lines on a diagram. It should provide a comprehensive story to business managers and techies alike. For Clango, it starts with identifying key business functions and unfolds to reveal relationships to enabling technical capabilities and processes required to realize your vision.

We start by helping you understand the big picture: a high-level view of your needs and plans. Then we guide you through a series of steps and decisions needed to design the systems, underlying technologies, and support processes in a way that will make them cost-effective and sustainable.