Integration Is Key to Maximizing the Value of Cybersecurity Investments


According to a recent survey of compliance decision makers conducted by research firm Vanson Bourne, every organization knows it needs to invest in cybersecurity tools. However, most organizations are having trouble determining where to allocate their security budget as the IT environment rapidly evolves. Not only that, but organizations aren’t doing enough to integrate their security solutions into a cohesive whole that provides effective protection.

The Vanson Bourne study notes that security budgets are expected to grow by an average of 19 percent over the next two years to an average of approximately $773,000. But 53 percent of survey respondents say it’s difficult to choose the right security solutions, and 39 percent say they struggle to determine how each solution will impact business risk. More than half of respondents (52 percent) say their organization’s security technology is not well enough coordinated to address changing requirements.

In today’s complex threat climate, security tools must work together. Organizations typically implement best-of-breed solutions to address specific threats. If those tools aren’t well integrated, however, blind spots and administrative bottlenecks can impede security.

That’s why we created Clango Innovation Labs. We believe that privileged access management (PAM) is a key component of effective security, but we also recognize that PAM doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Our team of CyberArk Certified Delivery Engineers and software developers creates solutions that streamline workflows and allow PAM and other security and operational tools to operate as a unified whole.

CyberArk’s Core Privileged Access Security platform is the foundation of many of our offerings. CyberArk secures privileged credentials and other “secrets” in the Enterprise Password Vault, enables automatic rotation of passwords and SSH keys at regular intervals, and provides real-time monitoring and analysis of privileged sessions. Fully searchable audit logs and video records facilitate incident response and regulatory compliance.

CyberArk also provides privileged threat analytics with risk-based scoring and granular detail. The solution collects data from multiple sources and applies a complex combination of statistical and deterministic algorithms to detect malicious activity. Over time, the real-world data collected in CyberArk’s audit logs and reports provides insight into how other security policies, controls, and workflows can be improved.

Clango Innovation Labs has developed a number of integrations that further enhance the value of the CyberArk platform. For example, our EMBARK solution integrates into the DevOps toolchain to enable automatic onboarding of servers directly into the CyberArk environment. ROUNDTRIP automates the provisioning of new users in Microsoft Active Directory with group memberships that grant entitlements to CyberArk safes.

We are actively developing new products and extensions that help integrate the CyberArk platform into our customers’ unique processes. In addition, Clango Innovation Labs installs proofs-of-concept and exercises them against performance targets to validate their effectiveness.

Selecting the right security tools is difficult. Integrating them in a way that optimizes their value is also hard. Clango Innovation Labs helps alleviate these challenges through the creation of customized solutions that give you the most bang for your cybersecurity buck.


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