A Better Way to Manage and Maintain Your CyberArk Platform

Managed Service

IT teams face ever-increasing demands to quickly enable users to do their jobs more efficiently and innovate to reduce risk and drive competitive advantages. Nevertheless, a sizable portion of the typical IT budget remains dedicated to the maintenance of existing systems and applications. Consequently, IT leaders often lack the resources they need to meet ever-changing business requirements.

As organizations continue to make significant investments in cybersecurity tools, they need skilled personnel to manage them, analyze and respond to issues, and meet audit and compliance requirements. However, cybersecurity professionals are in short supply, resulting in scarcity and very high salaries. Many organizations are unable to find and retain these resources, or simply cannot afford to hire cybersecurity professionals to perform day-to-day maintenance and administration.

Engineers with expertise in CyberArk’s Core Privileged Access Security platform typically earn salaries and benefits of about $200,000 per year. Professionals who are CyberArk-certified will command even more. Organizations that do not use CyberArk extensively will find it difficult to justify hiring a CyberArk engineer. Those organizations that rely heavily on CyberArk are faced with allocating budgets to one or more full-time equivalent (FTE) positions.

Managed services can help relieve the pressure on IT budgets and in-house personnel while ensuring that administrative tasks are handled proactively. Clango has introduced a managed services program focused specifically on the CyberArk platform. In this program, Clango’s team of CyberArk-certified engineers will remotely and securely connect to your CyberArk system and perform a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Management and administration of Enterprise Password Vault, Central Password Manager, and Password Vault Web Access
  • Upgrades and patches, with minimal impact on end-users
  • Ongoing reviews to ensure compliance
  • Biannual system hygiene
  • Periodic scans using CyberArk DNA

The Clango managed services program also features Clango’s Efficiency Tools that enhance CyberArk functionality, as well as reporting tools to aid in compliance. The program can be customized to include support for Application Identity Manager, Privileged Session Manager, SSH Key Manager, and Privileged Threat Analytics, and is flexible enough to expand rapidly as your requirements and business change.

While most organizations will want to manage the IT infrastructure that supports CyberArk themselves, Clango can also handle the maintenance of the entire underlying environment if desired. In addition, Clango can host the CyberArk environment in the Amazon cloud. The Clango team will provide end-to-end maintenance and management of the infrastructure and CyberArk for a monthly fee.

Whatever option you choose, Clango’s managed services give you access to an entire team of engineers with extensive real-world experience with CyberArk, at a fraction of the cost of hiring and retaining in-house personnel. The managed services program also includes 16 hours of onsite consultation each quarter, providing expert advice on CyberArk and other strategic cybersecurity initiatives.

Clango’s managed services work in concert with our Innovation Labs. Our experts can help you customize your privileged access management solution and integrate CyberArk with other IT and security tools.

With Clango’s managed services, you gain the expertise of CyberArk-certified engineers who have successfully completed hundreds of projects for Fortune 500 companies. This eliminates the need to hire and manage expensive IT resources, while giving you predictable costs, business continuity, and peace of mind. Let us focus on CyberArk maintenance and administration so you can respond to security events, manage compliance, and deliver innovative solutions to the business.


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