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How an Incident Response Plan Helps Reduce the Cost of a Security Breach

Incident Response
Data breaches are enormously expensive. According to data from the Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study, organizations paid $3.62 million on average to recover from security incidents in which sensitive data was compromised. That represents a 10 percent decline from the 2016 results — the first overall decrease in the history of the global study. Nevertheless, organizations...

The Most Common Cybersecurity Threats Impacting Organizations Today

Organizations face an increasing number of cybersecurity threats, taxing the ability of IT teams to protect their systems and networks. An understanding of the most common threats and sources of compromise enables them to focus their efforts and increase the odds of preventing a security breach. To that end, the SANS Institute conducted a survey of more than 250...

Why Identity Management Is Critical in Mergers and Acquisitions

IAM Mergers
Mergers and acquisitions are all about finding synergies that increase efficiency and shareholder value. However, M&A deals are inherently risky, requiring careful examination of a target company’s assets, liabilities, and vulnerabilities. Generally, the focus is on financials, but cybersecurity is playing an increasingly important role. EY recently released the 16th edition of its Global Capital Confidence Barometer, with data...