The Cloud Demands a Centralized Approach to Identity and Access Management

Ever-increasing numbers of users, both inside and outside organizations, need convenient access to corporate IT resources that exist both on-premises and in the cloud. The result is a porous network perimeter that relies heavily on user authentication to prevent unauthorized access. However, many organizations are finding that their identity and access management (IAM) platforms are inadequate. Growing security threats and regulatory compliance requirements demand stricter access controls and rigorous authentication.

IAM tools provide a framework for enabling user access and protecting systems, applications, and data. However, traditional IAM solutions lack the capabilities needed to handle today’s dynamic and growing user populations and hybrid cloud environments. In many organizations, identity data exists in silos, and IT lacks centralized visibility and control over user access. IT simply cannot manage identity and access policies and controls fast enough to meet business needs and user demands.

New enhancements to RSA’s SecurID Access offerings can help organizations provide stronger identity protection without sacrificing user convenience. RSA SecurID Access is built on strong multifactor authentication with centralized administration of authentication policies, and single sign-on for both on-premises and cloud-based resources. To that foundation, RSA has added context-based, dynamic risk analytics, enabling organizations to:

  • Deliver the right level of access to authorized users at the right time, from anywhere and on any device.
  • Provide invisible yet effective continuous authentication that improves an organization’s overall security posture.
  • Balance convenience with strong security by consistently enforcing dynamic, risk-driven, and context-based access policies.
  • Minimize enterprise identity and user access risk while protecting on-premises and cloud-based applications and data from unauthorized use and access.
  • Speed user access to resources with a frictionless user experience.

In addition, RSA SecurID Access is delivered in flexible configurations and packages that are engineered to serve a wide range of users, including:

  • Enterprise Users Accessing On-Premises Applications. Enterprises managing on-premises and client-based access can choose multifactor authentication leveraging software or hardware tokens, or a mix. This traditional offering from RSA SecurID Access is now available in a subscription-based model.
  • Mobile Users Accessing On-Premises and Cloud Applications. Organizations that are moving some applications to the cloud but still managing most applications on-premises have a single source for access management and multifactor authentication. RSA SecurID Access Enterprise Edition provides scalable, enterprise-grade access management for both types of applications and diverse user populations.
  • Dynamic User Populations with Rigorous Access Demands Requiring Added Insight. Organizations that need to deliver secure, compliant, and frictionless access to an ever-changing user base gain all the benefits of Enterprise Edition with an extra layer of assurance. RSA SecurID Access Premium Edition features risk-based analytics and context-aware insights that help organizations make smarter authentication decisions in real time.

Many organizations are struggling to effectively balance security and convenience as user populations grow, and more applications and services are delivered via the cloud. These organizations need an IAM platform that can respond to user and business demands while providing strong security and access controls. RSA’s enhancements to SecurID Access address these challenges. Let us show you how SecurID Access provides flexible, easy-to-manage identity assurance that meets the needs of the modern workforce.


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