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Why the IoT Needs IAM, Part 1: Rise of the Botnets

In the Internet of Things (IoT), billions of connected objects quietly collect and transmit data and perform a wide range of functions, generally without human intervention. Imagine vending machines that tell you when they need to be replenished, vehicles that schedule their own maintenance, and “smart home” products that let you lock your doors, control your thermostat, and peek...

Why Does Identity and Access Management / Governance Matter?

The risks associated with insider-threat theft and data breaches are well known. At the very least we ought to be aware of who is currently able to access our information resources and operational controls. We need to understand the risks to the enterprise if information or access falls into the wrong hands, or is corrupted in some way. Whatever...

How Enterprise Asset Management Helps Enable Digital Transformation

At the end of every year, IT industry analysts and research firms try to predict which technology trends will have the greatest impact in the coming months. Some of the top picks for 2017 include artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, 3-D printing, Blockchain, and wearables. Meanwhile, cloud computing will continue to grow unabated, and billions...