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The Critical Importance of Managing Business Partner Security Risks

Partner Security
It is well known that the 2013 Target data breach was the result of a compromised third-party vendor. Attackers sent a phishing email to a refrigeration company that did business with Target and had access to some of Target’s computer systems. At least one user fell for the phishing email, causing malware to be installed on the company’s systems....

The Role of Context in ICS Security Risk Assessment

In our last post Understanding the Security Risks of Industrial Control Systems we discussed the growing security threat to the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) used to support critical infrastructure and drive processes in a number of industry sectors. Increasingly, ICS components and systems are connected via the public Internet rather than private networks. Many of these components have weak...

Understanding the Security Risks of Industrial Control Systems

An Industry Control System (ICS) component is a device, such as a digital controller, that accepts input, performs a specific function and provides output. For example, a digital controller in an HVAC unit might monitor ambient air temperature and tell the system to turn on or off based upon its settings. The definition of such a controller can be...