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How to Overcome the Challenges of Implementing Multifactor Authentication

A recent CTE Research survey confirmed what is already widely known: weak passwords continue to be a serious problem that most organizations haven’t done enough to address. The survey found that about four out of five data breaches involve weak or stolen passwords. Nearly half (47 percent) of survey respondents believe their company’s employees use simple or weak passwords,...

FIDO Alliance Specifications Enable Standards-Based Approach to MFA

In our last post, we discussed how so-called “aftershock” attacks are driving the need for multifactor authentication (MFA). Because most users rely on a handful of slightly varied passwords to access multiple sites and accounts, cybercriminals often use stolen passwords in hacking attempts. MFA adds an extra layer of protection by requiring more than a password for authentication. Traditionally,...

“Aftershock” Attacks Up the Ante for Multifactor Authentication

Aftershocks, in geological terms, often occur in the vicinity of an earthquake; they can happen weeks, months, or even years after the original seismic event. Security experts warn that high-profile data breaches can also produce aftershocks, and multifactor authentication (MFA) is the best defense against these attacks. Aftershock attacks occur when hackers use credentials obtained in previous data breaches...