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A Better Way to Manage and Maintain Your CyberArk Platform

Managed Service
IT teams face ever-increasing demands to quickly enable users to do their jobs more efficiently and innovate to reduce risk and drive competitive advantages. Nevertheless, a sizable portion of the typical IT budget remains dedicated to the maintenance of existing systems and applications. Consequently, IT leaders often lack the resources they need to meet ever-changing business requirements. As organizations...

How CyberArk’s Conjur Helps Secure DevOps and Cloud-Native Environments

According to Forrester Research, at least half of IT organizations are currently using DevOps to increase the speed and efficiency of application development and deployment. Due to the dynamic nature of DevOps, privileged account credentials, encryption keys, and other “secrets” are rapidly proliferating throughout the IT infrastructure. Many of these secrets are stored in code repositories and cloud environments...

UMA Meets Privacy Requirements by Giving Customers Control Over Their Data

In our last post we discussed the growing need for customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions. Like identity and access management (IAM), CIAM has to do with the registration and authentication of users so they can gain secure access to online resources. However, CIAM is also about the aggregation and synchronization of customer data across sales, marketing, and...