How to Facilitate the IT Audit Process with CyberArk

IT Audits
Many IT teams dread the arrival of auditors. Perhaps they lack a basic understanding of the IT audit process, and don’t know what the auditors are looking for. However, IT teams should recognize the importance of having a third party evaluate the organization’s overall security and compliance position, and facilitate the process through the use of tools such as...

How to Tap the Valuable Data in CyberArk’s Enterprise Password Vault

Clango Password Vault
A key feature of CyberArk’s Core Privileged Access solution is the Enterprise Password Vault. This vault reduces the risk that privileged account credentials will be compromised by providing a centralized location for managing user entitlements and passwords. It is designed to protect privileged identities throughout the IT environment, including DevOps, DevTest, on-premises, and cloud-based systems. It also provides privileged...