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The building performance and operations platform for smarter building operators

Designed for today’s building owners and operators, Site 1001’s revolutionary building performance and operations platform is lean, mobile-first and powered by an intelligent engine that delivers all your building information—from photos and manuals, to real-time activity from sensors and IoT systems—to your smartphone or tablet wherever and whenever you need it.

Features built for you to manage less, and do more.

Centralized Document Management
3D models, drawings, vendor submittals, operations and maintenance manuals, inventory lists, architectural diagrams, and every other detail about your building, all in one place, accessible from any web browser or mobile device.

POS Document Access
Spend more time in the field and less looking for documents. Site 1001 mobile application users have the ability to access all your building information right from their smartphone or tablet — while they’re standing in the room.

Automated Alerts & Maintenance
Improve equipment and staff efficiencies with automated notifications and preventative maintenance schedules. With Site 1001, maintenance is never neglected and equipment is always properly maintained.

Benefits that go beyond your bottom line.

Design and Construction Integrated
Site 1001 leverages information compiled during design and construction. Time and effort spent creating data during construction is captured and put in the hands of building operations teams, driving efficiency and responsiveness to new heights.

Building Information Modeling Support
With Site 1001, asset data doesn’t need to be entered into a Building Information Management model before it can be used by facilities management staff. You get all of BIM’s features without the costs or training BIM requires.

Maximum flexibility and scalability
As a cloud-based system, Site 1001 requires no hardware maintenance or software updating. Moreover, the system is infinitely scalable, allowing it to “right-size” and grow according to your exact needs.

Reduce operations costs by over 30% immediately
Site 1001 was designed from the ground-up to be powerful and efficient. From IT-free installation, to no-hassle onboarding of building assets and all-inclusive pricing, Site 1001 customers can slash their FM expenses by 30% or more.

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