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Program Management

 program mgmt

The right team can make all the difference.

Identity and Access Governance initiatives can be daunting. There are typically internal and external stakeholders each with their own set of objectives. Clango can provide you with the right team of leaders to smoothly guide the process from envisioning to operational support.

Our Program Management resources are uniquely qualified to address the full context of Identity and Access Management initiatives by applying significant industry expertise, effective collaboration and project orchestration best practices.

Context-based dialogues make a difference and have been attributed as the single best investment in successful adoption of Identity and Access Governance services. Your project team will not have to waste unnecessary and costly cycles spending time defining or solving things that don’t need to be addressed. We are laser-focused on pertinent issues relevant to activate or extend your identity or access management initiatives.


We offer guided facilitation of:
  • Communication planning
  • Organizational change management
  • Program and project management
  • Strategy workshops
  • Establishing Identity Governance structures
  • Identity and Access Governance program promotion