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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud readiness

A poor integration with a cloud vendor can cost you money, time and opportunity. How much out-of-the-box cloud application can you adapt to, and what does that mean for your business processes? What happens when you want to switch to a new cloud app vendor?

You have (or want) critical business components in the cloud. We can help you plan for smooth cloud integrations – or help you to recover from bad ones.

Cloud integration is not just a matter for the technical folks. Impact to your business processes, securing your data, maintaining regulatory compliance and business continuity all need to be considered.

Using applications in the cloud can also shift traditional roles and responsibilities between the business and IT. Are you ready for your business resources to take on cloud administration tasks? What happens when your cloud app goes down and IT didn’t know you were using it?

We can get your security and risk framework ready for the cloud. Clango helps you develop a continuous security policy review cycle and prepare your legal team to assess the impact of changes to terms of service for each of your cloud providers.
We can help you:

  • Modernize your information security framework for a bimodal approach
  • Determine if a business function is better enabled with a traditional or cloud app
  • Achieve a sound approach to administer user lifecycles, including privileged access
  • Maintain regulatory compliance and implement industry standards
  • Clarify incident management and SLA processes in partnership with cloud vendors