Security Guidance Matters ℠


Make your strategy more than a wish list

Identity ecosystems evolve under the pressures of business expectations, regulatory demands, and changing technology.

  • Users expect corporate systems to work as smoothly and seamlessly as consumer tools. One account to use everywhere, self-reliance, and seamless access. They want to use your services without waiting for a lengthy account set-up process or talking to administrators.
  • For decades every new system came with its own account management, creating confusion for users and overhead for administrators. Business leaders expect IT to simplify experiences and reduce both time and cost of administration. Eliminating needless duplication is a must.
  • Demonstrating that users have only appropriate and intended privileges is a high-stakes problem. Show your regulators and auditors you have your house in order.

Achieving these objectives while reducing cost and improving quality presents a serious challenge. That’s where Clango excels.

We help you build a coherent identity and access management strategy with achievable milestones towards your long-term goals. We work with you to set priorities that match your business objectives, building the business case and financial models you need to deliver the right results.