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Privileged Access Management Helps Meet PCI DSS Requirements

A data breach exposing cardholder data can be devastating. In addition to the cost of breach response, notification of affected customers, legal fees, fines, and penalties, merchants face customer churn and tarnished reputations. That’s why Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is more important than ever. Though PCI DSS compliance will not prevent a security breach,...

Overcoming DevOps Challenges with CyberArk and Clango

DevOps Confide
A new study by the Ponemon Institute finds that organizations are struggling to manage their multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Seventy percent of respondents say they have little to no visibility into the ownership or purpose of many of the virtual machines in the cloud, while 68 percent say they lack a single user interface into the entire cloud...

A Look Inside a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is one of the most serious cybersecurity threats that organizations face today. According to the quarterly Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques Report from Malwarebytes Labs, the number of detected ransomware attacks on businesses increased 88 percent in the third quarter of 2018. While overall ransomware attacks have trended downward over the past year, security researchers have identified almost 40...

Privileged Account Security Is Critical with ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are the heart of a business, facilitating the flow of data across operational functions. These systems support back-office transactional activities such as accounting, production, inventory control and order management, and provide decision-makers with critical information that can help improve organizational performance. Wouldn’t a hacker love to get into your ERP system? A rogue insider...

A Better Way to Manage and Maintain Your CyberArk Platform

Managed Service
IT teams face ever-increasing demands to quickly enable users to do their jobs more efficiently and innovate to reduce risk and drive competitive advantages. Nevertheless, a sizable portion of the typical IT budget remains dedicated to the maintenance of existing systems and applications. Consequently, IT leaders often lack the resources they need to meet ever-changing business requirements. As organizations...

How CyberArk’s Conjur Helps Secure DevOps and Cloud-Native Environments

According to Forrester Research, at least half of IT organizations are currently using DevOps to increase the speed and efficiency of application development and deployment. Due to the dynamic nature of DevOps, privileged account credentials, encryption keys, and other “secrets” are rapidly proliferating throughout the IT infrastructure. Many of these secrets are stored in code repositories and cloud environments...

Software Tester

Clango Careers
Apply Now! Send your resume and cover letter to today! ____________________________________________ Position Title Software Tester Job Description Clango is seeking an entry-level software tester to join our team of software QA specialists. Our software testers work to ensure a high level of quality in our web applications and software services. They assist in validating elements in the entire...

Clango Confide Makes Privileged Account Security Seamless for Users

The number of privileged accounts has grown rapidly in recent years as organizations have adopted DevOps practices. DevOps teams constantly create hosts, machines, and systems, each of which has one or more privileged accounts associated with it. They also use a wide array of continuous integration and delivery tools and process scripts that also contain passwords, encryption keys, and...

The Critical Importance of Managing Business Partner Security Risks

Partner Security
It is well known that the 2013 Target data breach was the result of a compromised third-party vendor. Attackers sent a phishing email to a refrigeration company that did business with Target and had access to some of Target’s computer systems. At least one user fell for the phishing email, causing malware to be installed on the company’s systems....

How Clango and CyberArk Streamline Compliance Audits for Federal Agencies

Federal agencies face the same security threats as private-sector organizations, as well as a heightened risk of attack by state-sponsored cybercriminals. In addition to following security best practices, federal agencies must adhere to laws, directives, and guidance that mandate various cybersecurity controls. Central to many of these regulations is a requirement for robust authentication and authorization of users attempting...