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Apply Now! Send your resume and cover letter to today! ____________________________________________ Position Title Software Tester Job Description Clango is seeking an entry-level software tester to join our team of software QA specialists. Our software testers work to ensure a high level of quality in our web applications and software services. They assist in validating elements in the entire...

Clango Confide Makes Privileged Account Security Seamless for Users

The number of privileged accounts has grown rapidly in recent years as organizations have adopted DevOps practices. DevOps teams constantly create hosts, machines, and systems, each of which has one or more privileged accounts associated with it. They also use a wide array of continuous integration and delivery tools and process scripts that also contain passwords, encryption keys, and...

The Critical Importance of Managing Business Partner Security Risks

Partner Security
It is well known that the 2013 Target data breach was the result of a compromised third-party vendor. Attackers sent a phishing email to a refrigeration company that did business with Target and had access to some of Target’s computer systems. At least one user fell for the phishing email, causing malware to be installed on the company’s systems....

How Clango and CyberArk Streamline Compliance Audits for Federal Agencies

Federal agencies face the same security threats as private-sector organizations, as well as a heightened risk of attack by state-sponsored cybercriminals. In addition to following security best practices, federal agencies must adhere to laws, directives, and guidance that mandate various cybersecurity controls. Central to many of these regulations is a requirement for robust authentication and authorization of users attempting...

Effective Privileged Account Management Requires Identity Governance

Privileged ID Governance
The typical enterprise has an ever-increasing number of privileged accounts to manage across on-premises and cloud environments. These privileged accounts extend outside the organization to contractors, business partners, and other third parties. Holders of privileged credentials access systems and data from a wide range of devices and diverse locations. Many systems and applications also use privileged credentials to access...

Thwarting Hackers with Risk-Based Authentication

The increased use of mobile and cloud services improves business agility by enabling anywhere, anytime access to applications and data. By opening up the network perimeter, however, it makes it difficult to ensure that only authorized users are accessing critical assets. Traditional authentication with user names and passwords has become increasingly inadequate for a number of reasons. Password fatigue...

Is Blockchain the Answer to Identity Management?

The ideal in identity management is to have a single source of truth — one repository that holds a unique ID for each user and allows users to access all the resources they’re entitled to. Very few (if any) organizations have achieved this ideal. In most cases, users maintain multiple sets of credentials to log into various systems. Single...

How to Gain Strong Authentication across the Extended Enterprise

As organizations implement cloud, mobile and Internet of Things platforms, applications and devices are moving outside the physical boundaries of corporate headquarters. Identity has emerged as the new perimeter to these borderless networks, and a preferred attack vector used by cyber criminals to breach systems and exfiltrate sensitive data. The cloud in particular raises concerns about the risk of...

Privileged Account Management Is Critical in the Cloud

Cloud Security
The move to the cloud began in earnest in 2007, as organizations looked for ways to cut capital expenses during the Great Recession. Fast-forward a decade, and the cloud is more popular than ever. According to a recent survey by LogicMonitor, 68 percent of workloads are running in public, private, or hybrid clouds, and that number will increase to...