How to Gain Strong Authentication across the Extended Enterprise


As organizations implement cloud, mobile and Internet of Things platforms, applications and devices are moving outside the physical boundaries of corporate headquarters. Identity has emerged as the new perimeter to these borderless networks, and a preferred attack vector used by cyber criminals to breach systems and exfiltrate sensitive data.

The cloud in particular raises concerns about the risk of stolen credentials. As organizations continue their transition to the cloud, they are looking to leverage strong authentication techniques to gain a higher level of assurance that users are who they claim to be.

RSA is helping to make strong authentication more consistent and pervasive through its RSA Ready program. RSA works with more than 400 technology partners to build an ecosystem of solutions that seamlessly implement multifactor authentication across a broad range of cloud, web, on-premises and mobile applications. This ecosystem enables organizations to quickly and easily leverage modern authentication methods from the RSA SecurID Access product, along with its advanced policy engine and machine-learning analytics for complete visibility and control over who has access to what.

RSA SecurID Access is engineered to complement an assortment of modern authentication methods, including the use of smartphones with push authentication, and biometrics such as fingerprints and eyeprints. Users benefit from a common experience across applications, while organizations are able to increase their identity confidence with a solution that is designed to adapt to changing requirements.

Two notable enhancements to RSA’s ecosystem of solutions are its integrations with Microsoft Azure Directory Premium and CyberArk Privileged Account Security.

Microsoft Azure Directory Premium. Organizations can use the broad set of RSA SecurID Access authentication methods to provide a high level of identity assurance for Azure Active Directory Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, including Office 365, Azure Active Directory application portal and Azure Active Directory administrative console. Organizations can adopt a layered approach to authentication by combining push, biometrics and other methods such as risk analytics for higher levels of identity assurance.

An increasingly diverse population of users and a growing list of strong authentication use cases require organizations to support an assortment of different work styles. Within a given policy, RSA SecurID Access gives users a choice of authentication methods that best suits their individual preferences. RSA SecurID also ensures a consistent and predictable experience for users across current RSA SecurID and Microsoft Azure Active Directory protected resources (VPN, routers, gateways, etc.).

CyberArk Privileged Account Security. The CyberArk Privileged Account Security solution discovers accounts, rotates passwords and monitors usage to provide visibility and accountability over privileged account activity. By combining the CyberArk solution with the RSA SecurID Access product, organizations can leverage multifactor authentication to help ensure that only authorized users are accessing privileged accounts. For organizations moving to the cloud, this joint solution can be extended to protect privileged access to SaaS applications and administrative consoles for cloud service providers and DevOps tools.

RSA SecurID Access helps satisfy the need for strong authentication while providing a consistent experience for users regardless of the location of their applications. As a longtime RSA partner, Clango can help you leverage RSA SecurID Access to implement modern authentication across your environment.


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