Clango Innovation Labs: Maximizing the Value of CyberArk


Given the large and growing volume of privileged account credentials in the typical IT environment, most organizations recognize the need for automated privileged account management (PAM) solutions. PAM platforms provide one central location for storing, protecting, and managing privileged credentials so only authorized users can access them for legitimate business or IT reasons.

However, PAM solutions have a reputation for being difficult to deploy and hard to integrate with related technologies such as identity governance solutions, user behavioral analytics tools, and IT ticketing systems. IT departments are forced to rethink their processes to accommodate the additional steps required for PAM best practices. Many resource-strapped IT teams are inclined to develop workarounds, which can defeat the purpose of the PAM solution.

The hard reality is that PAM can have a negative impact on IT operations and workflows. That’s why Clango’s CyberArk consultants and engineers have developed unique extensions, add-ons, and plugins for CyberArk’s Core Privileged Access Security platform.

In developing this platform, CyberArk focused on strong security for privileged credentials. The platform enables organizations to define granular policies and enforce least privilege access with automated privilege escalation as needed. It also provides automated rotation and synchronization of passwords and SSH keys.

Still, accessing privileged account passwords is a multistep process that can create bottlenecks in IT workflows. That’s why many customers come to Clango for help in integrating CyberArk with their existing systems and automating PAM processes. We have leveraged our software development capabilities and CyberArk expertise to develop innovative solutions to our customers’ problems.

Clango Innovation Labs was born from these efforts. Clango Innovation Labs provides a structured environment for the customization and integration of CyberArk solutions using CyberArk’s PACLI command line interface and REST APIs.

Customization makes it possible to balance operational efficiency with PAM objectives. We are constantly developing new solutions that adapt CyberArk to each organization’s unique processes (rather than the other way around). Solutions that could benefit multiple organizations are made available as packaged products.

Integration enables CyberArk to interoperate with other systems to eliminate proprietary silos. This not only increases efficiency but provides full visibility across the IT environment so organizations gain new insight and can respond more rapidly to security issues.

All of this is driven by our scientific approach to research and development. The Clango Innovation Labs team designs and implements proofs of concept and validates them against performance targets to ensure maximum return on investment.

There’s no question that privileged account management is a critical component of cybersecurity strategy. Organizations need to implement tools that discover and protect privileged credentials and monitor their use. Clango Innovation Labs helps ensure that CyberArk’s Core Privileged Access Security platform is fully customized according to each organization’s operational requirements and integrated with other systems and applications within the security infrastructure. Our unique solutions maximize the value of CyberArk by ensuring effective privileged credential security.

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