Two-day BoxBoat Training

boxboat-logo DIT was pleased to host BoxBoat Technologies, providers of advisory and technical implementation services for Docker containerization. Their two-day, hands-on seminar included an extensive background presentation with technical description and business-case justification followed by exercises and demos. Among the topics covered were:
  • Images, Docker Hub, and on-premises Docker Repositories
  • Creation and syntax of Dockerfiles and Docker Compose files
  • Docker Cloud, Universal Control Plane, and Docker Swarm
  • Best practices and strategic approach to integrating Docker into your DevOps process
Although we were already using Docker in several work flows, the workshop was an invaluable insight into not only how Docker can speed DevOps and provide production scaling, but where it can fit in with other technologies like virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Check out BoxBoat’s website for additional information or to sign up for your own seminar and strategy workshop.

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